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I came to know Shukla through my bro. Initially I had no belief that I could do something about my body by jus getting online counseling of diet . I weighed 99 kgs . I became overweight due to lifestyle change. I started with this diet plan with almost no confidence of losing weight . But I would say I have lost 8.3kgs now coz of her true and selfless motivation . She has become a good friend of mine more than a professional nutritionist . Hope her relationship would be continued . There were ups n downs n my scale sometimes I deviate from d plan . But she would try her best to keep me get back on track . Her diet plan s so flexible and she guides me in eating exotic recipes . She never let u starve. U will have the complete satisfaction of eating stomach full food.Her appreciations and motivations only helped a person lazy like me to find real time changes both physically and mentally .

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